WoW Ny’alotha The Waking City Heroic

The famous Method guild, the main World of Warcraft record holder, has conducted another experimental raid.

It was attended by 29 magicians with the specialization «Fire» and one and only demon hunter, who played the role of a tank.
This unusual roster managed to clear the current Ny’alotha, the Waking City raid on Heroic difficulty without any problems. The passage turned out to be not only spectacular, but also deadly: all the participants-magicians gave impressive figures of damage nyalotha heroic.
The guild demonstrated its spectacularity by killing Wrathion on normal difficulty exclusively with the «Scorch» skills, which do not much damage, but are quick to read.

And the effectiveness of the chosen approach is proved by the murder of Dest’agath. The joint attack of the mages overpowered the effect of «Anomalous Regeneration», which prevents the boss from inflicting damage without applying a special debuff.
The guild often experiments with methods, techniques, and formulations. Here’s another example: completing Ny’alotha on Mythic difficulty with a raid of twenty tanks.