World of great temptation

We understand that it is very important for sex shop buyers that no one can determine the contents of the order,

so our sex shop tried to do everything possible so that neither the type of packaging nor the touch could determine what it was and from whom you received. The packaging does not indicate the name of the product anywhere, and the name and address of the site is missing. You get the usual package, as if you were sent a package of sweets or a tablet, and not a toy from a sex shop. There is no need to open the parcel upon receipt, it can be done later at home in a more relaxed atmosphere.

All sex toys are packed in cardboard boxes or in opaque plastic bags. Also, goods are packed in cardboard and plastic polyethylene, so that it is impossible to touch by touch what is inside the package and so that the goods do not deteriorate during transportation. The sender is a normal legal entity with a neutral name, and not a sex shop or something like that.

However, in order to dispel your possible doubts, we recommend to purchase some neutral product , for example toys for men, perfume with pheromones, vibrating massagers for the whole body or a mini dress for checking privacy.
Please note that order confirmation by phone is not necessary at all — it can be done via SMS without talking to the online sex shop manager. We hope this will make such an intimate purchase more anonymous, and will allow you to overcome the remnants of shyness.