Window cleaning for you

For many people, window cleaning is not the favorite pastime: Often the result is frustrating — barely does the sun shine, streaks and stripes appear.

But with the right method, good equipment and cleaning additives, it finally works with the streak-free window cleaning and your windows get back radiant shine.

Despite many different options for residential window cleaning without streaks, the classic method with water, dishwashing liquid and rubber puller is still regarded as the most successful among experts such as TV household expert Yvonne Willicks.

Are the discs smeared properly, z. B. by bee pollen, they are first cleaned with a soft broom. Then it goes to fat, dirt and exhaust gases to the collar: To do so in a bucket with lukewarm water, a few drops of detergent and a dash of vinegar or spirit. «In no case use hot water,» advises RTL super housewife Willicks, «Many remedies then lose their effect. Also, the additives should only come into the water later, otherwise it foams too much.»

Now comes the soaping: To do this, take a sponge, with which you wash the glass serpentine, from the left corner of the window to the other side and further down, wash off (first inside, then outside). Then remove the excess water with a rubber puller or a chamois leather. In the last course is wiped with a microfiber cloth and the residual moisture from corners, seals and the lower edge of the window away. For large windows, an adjustable special tool (telescopic rod) is the ideal helper to avoid streaks.