Where to go in summer to relax

Summer is the time to shake off office dust, make up for the lack of sun in the body and reboot. Skyscanner chose 12 places abroad, where it will be interesting to relax in the summer of 2020.

It is enough to see summer Georgia once to love this country with all my heart. Go for a swim and sunbathe in the romantic Batumi, in Kobuleti with a pine forest or on the green cape Mtsvane Kontskhi, off the coast of which it is good to snorkel. Georgia distracts from its own Black Sea resorts by the amazing cave cities Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, the ancient monasteries of Mtskheta, the emerald peaks of Svaneti and sulfur baths in Tbilisi. And of course, Georgians will not understand if you leave without ever tasting real khinkali and local wine.

How can one travel back to ancient times, get acquainted with mouflons, sunbathe to the bronze on the beach, dive to the sunken ship and rejuvenate for a couple of years? Go to Cyprus! You will eat oranges directly from the trees, drink royal wine and make new acquaintances. Particularly suitable for this party Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa. On the shore of Fig Tree Bay, it’s good to relax with children, and at Cape Greco –– dive into the Blue Lagoon and relax together on the romantic Konnos Bay beach. And so that your love lives forever, take a swim together in the bay at the cliffs of Aphrodite between Limassol and Paphos. More information on the site chicandamazing.com.

To understand what is the purpose of life, go to idle Tel Aviv with ancient Jaffa. And to find out what its salt is, –– to the resorts of the Dead Sea. Divers and kitesurfers have chosen the coral beach Hof Almog on the Red Sea — go here for active water activities. A beach holiday in Israel is beyond praise, but you need to get to Jerusalem at least a couple of days. If you have enough time, admire the Bahai Gardens in Haifa and go to visit friends — look for curiosities in the colorful market and enjoy local pita with goat cheese and zaatar.

What do you think when you imagine the perfect vacation? About breakfast on the balcony overlooking the endless blue sea? About ancient monasteries high-high in the mountains? About a blossoming deserted island with a golden sand? Greece will fulfill your dreams. Admire the Athenian Acropolis, which remembers the time of our era, and escape from problems to sugar Santorini. Rub the finger of Aristotle in Thessaloniki to become wiser, and lose your head from the scenery of the bay of Navaggio on the island of Zakynthos. If you have time to conquer the picturesque mountains of Meteora, local monks will reward you with a lukum of their own preparation.