What is massage?

The targeted use of massages for healing most likely originated in East Africa and Asia (Egypt, China, Persia).

The first mention can be found in the Chinese Huáng Dì, who was already 2600 BC. Chr. Massage handles and gymnastic exercises describes. In conjunction with essential oils and herbs, there is also early evidence in Indian health science and healing, Ayurveda. Between the 15th and 17th centuries, Indian monks performed massage (udvartana or mardanā) as part of the wrestling they practiced, mainly to eliminate the disease-causing doschas. About the Greek physician Hippocrates (about 460-370 BC) and his medical school, the massage finally reached Europe and nuru massage new york. Here she later played an essential role in the rehabilitation of gladiators in the Roman Empire. Hippocrates explored and deepened the secrets of massage and wrote down his findings and recommendations for use. The second important physician of antiquity, the Greek Galenos (129-199), also took care of manual therapy and wrote countless essays on the forms he designed and in which diseases they were to be applied. Despite its influence, which extends well into the Middle Ages, the society of Europe in later times lost interest in massages and other preventive and therapeutic measures.