Watch Vostok K-43 Retro «Kirov»

The first impression of a person is traditionally determined by his appearance, and the most important component of a stylish image, despite the development of technology, remains a mechanical wristwatch.

It is this small detail that can tell a lot about our taste and character, it is the correctness of the decision to buy a men’s watch vostok kirovskie that depends on self-confidence and even success in business.

The question of where to buy a watch inexpensively is not entirely appropriate for this type of accessory. Only expensive and stylish models form a positive impression of their media among business partners and the opposite sex. However, this does not mean that when buying you need to overpay for intermediaries — today you have the opportunity to purchase a waterproof watch directly from the manufacturer.

The Vostok plant was created in Chistopol (Tatarstan) in wartime. The plant was evacuated to Chistopol in 1941 from the city of Moscow. At first it was an enterprise providing the needs of the front. But two years later, the first “peaceful” product appeared — Russian men’s mechanical watches. They were called «Kirovsky.» In the late 50s, the Vostok precision mechanical watch was released, which received the highest award at the international exhibition in Leipzig. In the mid-60s of the last century, the company became an official supplier of waterproof and shockproof mechanical watches for the country’s Ministry of Defense.

Today, people with a high status, representatives of the military and political cultural elite prefer to buy classic Vostok watches.