Rest travelers

We start after the first two hours, 10 minutes of rest on the assumption that each successive break should be about 5 minutes longer.

If you are planning a trip, it is worth to think the place where we will stay. In the case of traveling express roads and motorways we can take advantage of specially designated places — Service Areas. Lodilo — Übersetzung, übersetzung vom deutschen und englischen ins schwedische

In January 2012, it worked 28 places in October 2015 years in the Polish MOPs it was 257. The definition describes the service area as an area in close proximity to the road, equipped with parking and infrastructure, providing comfort and relaxation to travelers. In Poland, the MOPs are divided into 3 categories:

MOP Category I — for recreational function, equipped with parking spaces (parking), maneuvering roadways, equipment Holiday, sanitation and lighting; It allows the presence of small catering facilities;

MOP Category II — the function of leisure and service, equipped with facilities referred to in point 1 and the petrol station, service station vehicles, objects catering trade, tourist information points;

MOP Category III — the function of leisure and services, includes objects referred to in paragraph 2, accommodation facilities and other commercial and service, depending on your needs.

MOPs must provide parking places for disabled people (at least two). The remaining number of parking spaces and the number of posts at the filling station depends on the average daily traffic intensity and highway development. Rest, built in places that need to ensure traffic safety, can not affect the capacity of the road. MOP-y can not be located close to a node in a place where there is poor visibility of entry or where there is an extra lane. The distance between the MOPs should not be less than 15 km, and from the border crossing point of such should be at least 3 km away.

Building safety is a long-term process. In these actions is part of the creation of infrastructure, friendly drivers, giving the possibility of refueling the vehicle, have a meal, to encourage active rest or nap, which will gather strength and remain focused on further travel.