We guarantee that the votes you receive for free for reviews on sites will not differ from the usual votes purchased. Also, in view of our practice, we noticed a tendency to buy votes, i.e. the user receives first free votes for the review, and then returns to buy more, already for money. In our understanding, this is the key to successful work, and that the client was satisfied. And once again, receiving free votes is possible only for simple voting in 1-3 clicks, without authorization, captcha, registration.

Speed and Note
The wrapping speed of 200-300 free votes is about 4-5 hours, this is the time of work, after which it will be possible to take work. Please note that the wrapping speed may depend on the site, its loading, and other reasons that make downloading difficult.

If you think that these rules are too stringent, then you don’t need free votes, in fact 90% of all the polls that we wind up with them are the simplest polls that require only unique IP addresses and computers. What needs to be done to get votes?

1) Contact us and declare your desire to get how to get votes for free
If you want to get votes for free without paying a dime — write to us, we will tell you what to do. In order to receive them, it is enough to contact us through any contacts. We, like any site, need PR — you will be our PR agent, all you need to do is find 2-3 sites where you can write a message (the message should contain a review, recommendation or something about our site), with such a message you help our resource develop and gain new customers!

2) Follow our instructions by being smart!
Where to find such sites you ask? It is very easy, we recommend that you simply leave a link to our site in your signature — it’s 1-2 minutes, you probably have a favorite blog, forum or just a site where you are registered and can leave messages. If you do not want to leave messages from scratch (there is no suitable topic on the site) — create it yourself! In general, be smart, or we will tell you which sites are suitable for such purposes, usually there are no problems with this. It will be enough for you to write 2-3 such messages with a link to our website, we will show an example a bit below. After that, just send 3 links to the pages where you posted the messages, we will check!

3) Unsubscribe after performing to us, we will begin to cheat!
After you have fulfilled your part of the agreement — we will actually wind up a vote for you, That’s all. Agree that leaving 2-3 messages is very easy, all the more it is easier than paying money!