How to rent a car

All car rental companies must spend approximately the same amount on maintaining their own car fleet. These expenses consist of insurance, maintenance, car wash, refueling, parking, loan payments, personnel services, etc.

This is a high-tech business, and if, for example, the car is damaged and there is no opportunity to restore it at the expense of the culprit (and the deposit is held on a credit card in 90% of cases for this reason), the company will incur losses.

A car rental crete company that offers you a rental car without a deposit (deposit) should at least be suspicious. If you still decide to use its services, check the contract especially carefully. Often there are cases when an agreement with such a company is drawn up in only one language, and this one language is not at all English and not German or even French. Such an agreement may contain items that are not at all suitable for you, up to the point that the car may not be insured, and you must repair all the damages at your own expense. If you nevertheless signed an agreement with such a company, take and rent the car with special care, be prepared that you will be presented with a claim for every scratch even on the rim.

We pay the greatest attention to the selection of car rental service providers on our website. Our company works only with bank cards, settlements with us and with our suppliers in cash are excluded. Each company is carefully selected and must meet all our requirements. We make sure that you, our Dear customers, receive only the best, most advantageous offers, from the best suppliers, verified over the years of successful cooperation.