How to make a beautiful make-up

At all times, women tried to emphasize their beauty. Even in Ancient Egypt, women, and not only women, resorted to cosmetics to give their face a unique beauty.

The arrows of the Egyptians and the pharaohs emphasized the beauty of the eyes. Greek women sought a blush of cheeks with the help of iris juice. The Romans dyed eyebrows and eyelids, bleached the skin, gave color to lips and hair.

The right one should be imperceptible and seem natural. Such makeup usually takes a lot more time. Do not apply foundation or powder in several layers. This creates the effect of old and painful skin. And the frequent application of cream and powder leads to wrinkles.

To make beautiful makeup artist new york, it is not enough just to have a set of high-quality professional cosmetics, you need to know the basic rules of its creation and be able to apply them in practice. A neat make-up always looks spectacular, attracting the attention of others. A girl who knows the technique of applying it can easily be transformed, emphasizing her merits and causing enthusiastic compliments. In this article we will tell you how to apply makeup correctly, because this is a whole art, which is not so difficult to learn if you follow the main rules.