How to effectively use the cleaner Hoover Home Carpet

From the liner becomes more and more expensive every year, people are looking for better ways to keep the carpet have.

Vacuuming alone will not ensure sustainability of each carpet. Regular cleaning, on the other hand, can and will do a lot to help maintain the strength and durability of the carpet fibers. Used correctly, Hoover Carpet Cleaner best carpet shampooer can extend the life of almost every carpet.

Properly Preparing the carpet
move furniture carpet cleaning field.

vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

Pre-treat any areas heavily soiled carpets with treatment instructions approved instructional or on the website of Hoover.

Remove the water tank from the filter before it is plugged into an electrical outlet. Remove them using light pressure down, and then forward to raise the reservoir by its built-in handle.

unscrew the cap of the tank, which can also serve as a measuring device for liquid carpet cleaning.

Clean water tank with fresh running water, if necessary, prior to filling. Make sure that none of the tank chambers are blocked in any way.

Measure the right amount of liquid carpet cleaning, making sure not to go over the line on the plug / measurement tool tank. Pour the cleaning liquid to the tank opening. On heavily soiled areas of carpet, such as white light beige or light gray, measuring an equal amount of bleach and also transfer it to the tank.

Fill the water tank with warm to hot water. Be careful not to overfill. Screw the cork stopper back into the water tank.

Snap cartridge according to the filter.

Cleaning speed switch brush Carpet
Set, if applicable model clean used. Leave the switch in the off position when no action is required brush. Select low for lightly soiled carpets or high for most carpets, especially those that are extremely dirty.

Connect the carpet cleaning into a standard electrical outlet. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and release the lever to the vertical position.

start cleaning the room farthest from the sink. This will help you avoid stepping on the wet carpet. Divide large rooms into sections, and this will make it easier covering the surface of the total.

Press the trigger on the handle of a vacuum cleaner when you move forward. Continue to press the trigger to pull the vacuum cleaner back to the end of the first pass.

Take the second go forward without pressing the trigger.

Go to the next belt coverings, overlapping slightly from the saddle in front of him. Continue repeating steps 4 and 5 of this section until the entire carpet has been cleaned.

Fill the tank with water storage as often as necessary.

Empty the water tank every refill the water tank. To do this, release the lever and slide back down to the floor to reveal the dirty water tank. Pick it up by releasing tank cleaner base and pulling it out of the unit by the handle. Unscrew the cap and empty the dirty water, rinse the tank clean before putting it back into the socket and lock it back in place.

Lift the handle of a vacuum cleaner and move back to its original position.

Tips & amp; warnings only
Use products that are recommended by Hoover. Clean high traffic carpet between normal cleaning carpets.
Never use more than one quarter cup of bleach in one tank with water for washing. Too much bleach will ruin the carpet fibers.
Never clean the carpet more often than recommended. This may cause a breakdown of the carpet fibers.