How to choose the right lawyer?

Quite often I come across articles about how suddenly a law-abiding citizen has problems with law enforcement agencies from scratch. For example, a sudden search, arrest and delivery to the department,

a summons to the investigator and similar situations for which we are usually not ready.

I am interested in a rather broad question. But how do you prepare for such things? How can I find a lawyer or, rather, a lawyer לירום סנדה who at any time of the day or night will be able to provide me with his professional support and advice, on-site visits and so on?

I do not break the law, there are no reasons either, but there is a fear of being unprepared in such a situation. We strongly advise against contacting the lawyers who are hosting the reception at the courthouse. Of course, it may seem that since they are sitting directly in the courthouse, then they have «everything under control.» But there is also a downside: such lawyers are severely limited in their freedom of action. After all, if the judges are unhappy with them, these lawyers will simply lose their office in the courthouse. Maintaining relationships with judges and not contradicting them is more important for such lawyers than to defend the interests of their client by all means and means.

There is another argument: expensive lawyers never sit in a courthouse. You can talk for a long time about the relationship between price and quality, the result, but the fact remains — quite inexpensive lawyers sit directly in the courthouse. They have their own model of work: a constant flow, but not very solvent clients (and, to be honest, these are the clients who go to court on their own). The clientele of a good lawyer is recruited thanks to quality services, results, reviews of satisfied clients, word of mouth. And lawyers in the courthouse have a steady stream of low-cost clients just because of their location. About the attitude of the above categories of lawyers to the client’s case — draw your own conclusions …