Get money fast and easy!

A quick loan is a way to solve financial problems by presenting only a passport.

This is a great way out of a difficult situation if you urgently need money to make a major purchase, spend a holiday, relax with your family or do not have enough money for everyday expenses before your salary. But far from always, friends or relatives have the necessary amount, and obtaining a loan takes time and effort.

To get a loan from a bank, you need to collect a variety of documents and certificates, spend a lot of time, wait for the results of the credit history check and the organization’s decision to approve or refuse the loan. It’s much easier to get money at interest on loan — it takes just a few minutes to get a loan.

Ease of use of loans and saving customers time are our priorities. We offer several ways to repay them: in one of the offices or using your personal account, transferring money from a credit card without interest. Often situations arise in life when money is needed urgently, but it is not. The solution to the problem in this case can be a «credit card» or a quick loan. Despite the fact that these financial products have the same purpose, this is the only thing that unites them. A credit card and a quick loan have a lot of differences, so you should carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages of these products in order to choose the most profitable and convenient for you.

It usually takes from 15 minutes to 24 hours to issue a microloan. It all depends on the organization and method of issuing money. Issuing a card on average can take from one day to three weeks. A registered credit card will have to wait longer, but there are also simpler and faster options for unnamed cards. The timing of registration will largely depend on the bank.