Does a lawyer have a higher education?

Choosing a lawyer is not an easy task. Of the hundreds of specialists who call themselves lawyers, who have the appropriate status and some experience,

it is necessary to choose one, one of our own, who can be completely trusted. Let us also take into account that many have an idea of ​​what exactly a lawyer of the highest qualification should be, solely from books, serials and television shows.
It is no secret that our compatriots (however, not only them), when choosing a lawyer לירום סנדה, are guided either by the advice of friends or by publications in the media.
However, relatives can make mistakes, and newspapers or websites, especially advertising ones, may wishful thinking. Your task is to trust only your own knowledge about what must be required from a lawyer, and not hesitate to find out everything about a specialist to the end. Moreover, it is desirable to demand a real, or better documentary, confirmation of what was said.
We really hope that this publication will help everyone who needs it, when choosing a lawyer, to avoid mistakes, which in the end can be very expensive in every sense of the word.