Catering — Group Event & Party Food

It is estimated that the value of the catering market in the US is over PLN 4 million. Although in our country this sector appeared relatively recently, it is one of the fastest growing catering services.

In addition to the companies that deal with it every day, more and more restaurants are introducing it as a complement to their offerings. Also hotels using the catering and brand base offer this type of service.

At the beginning of the US catering service was primarily understood as organizing parties / events outside at the place indicated by the client. Catering in the 1980s concentrated mainly on Orbis hotels. In time, new companies started to organize events and provide food services for the needs of, for example, factories. In recent years, the meaning of the term catering has evolved and is used for services outside the catering business.

I would like to introduce one of the types of catering, namely, the concession, which consists in providing services to individual customers, by running self-service bars, buffets or restaurants. Service recipients have the opportunity to choose a supplier according to their own individual preferences. Contract concession catering also differs from the fact that in the first there is no mandatory subsidy from any institution.