Car Leasing In Cyprus

Looking for a car rental in Cyprus at the best price? Our site will compare offers from local car rental companies and select the most profitable ones.

Full transparency when calculating the cost, insurance and taxes are already included in the price. Advance payment is only 15%, the rest is paid upon receipt.

Many tourists and travelers argue that cars leasing in the Republic are not a luxury, but a necessity. And they are absolutely right. You can only see the real Cyprus without boring guides, stuffy buses and standard routes only by car. By the way, for those who like something special, we recommend that you study our article «Uncommon Cyprus».

Many tourists prefer a car, renting is an excellent solution when the vacation is not long, you want to see as much as possible, and public transport does not always go to the desired place. Therefore, car rental in Cyprus is well developed and on the island it is possible to rent any car, from compact to luxury convertible.

The republic is not large in area and it is quite possible to go around it completely in a week or two holidays by car.